Green Home Features


We are an Environmentally Responsible

 New Home Builder.


Our homes protect our environment
and provide our customers with

lower cost of homeownership.


Our Green Features Include:


Low E Insulated Windows:

·        Insulated Windows increases the R-value of a window, saves $$ on energy bills

·        Low E glass UV Ray direction allows heat penetration in winter and reflects heat in the summer.  Saves Money on energy bills as well as reducing fabric fading


Reduced heat gain/loss of conditioned air, saving you Money on your energy bill by:

·        R-38 Insulation in attic

·        R-15 Insulation on exterior 2 x 4 walls

·        Supplemental Insulation Board on exterior walls excluding plywood bracing areas

·        Sill plate sealed

·        No ductwork located in unconditioned space / exterior wall

·        Furnace located to minimize length of total duct runs

·        Ductwork joints sealed (mastic/ aluminum tape)

·        Optional Fireplaces are vented to exterior

·        All penetrations of home's exterior are sealed



Balanced air-flow throughout home for even temperature we:

·        Optimize airflow for each room

·        Utilize return-air supplies in bedrooms*

·        Ducting provides a more efficient air-flow with less stress on mechanicals, so all of our HVAC supplies and returns are fully ducted


Other energy saving features include:

·        Light-colored interior walls, ceiling and soffit (reflects light).  Reflection of light reduces need for energy-powered lighting

·        Programmable thermostat*

·        Energy Star appliances (where available)

·     High-Efficiency furnace and water heater (90%) 

·        13 SEER Cooling equipment**

·        Insulated sliding glass window in basement window well.


*Also benefits for heightened indoor air quality.

**Cooling Systems available as optional on some feature packages.  Consult Sales Representative for details.



Heightened indoor air quality which reduces the pollutants in the air and provides our customers a safer living environment:


Reduced indoor air pollutants by using:

·        Optional Fireplaces which are direct vented to exterior

·        Range Hoods and Microwaves that are direct vented to exterior

·        Carbon Monoxide Alarm on each floor level alerts you of dangerous air quality


Other air and moisture infiltration measures include:

·        Tyvek™ House Wrap and tape, Tyvek is the industry leader for house-wrap.

·        Bath Fans strategically located to reduce condensation in bathrooms

·        Furnaces Sized according to ASHRAE Standards



Efficient use of building materials which conserves our planet's resources and provides our customers with

 lower lifecycle costs:



We conserve our planet’s resources by:

·        Not using of tropical hardwoods

·        Design the home to minimize material waste

·        Reusable concrete foundation forms

·        Reusing all site topsoil

·        Installing carpeting and pads made with recycled materials

·        Storm water management control which reduces pollution of lakes and rivers


Reduced home maintenance costs by:

·        Engineered exterior siding (Smart Siding and Fiber-cement)***

·        Primed or prefinished siding & exterior trim

·        Vinyl Siding – Maintenance Free


Reduced water consumption by:

·        Water efficient faucets for kitchen, bathroom, showerheads

·        Water efficient toilets

·        High Recovery Hot Water Heaters


Other conservation features include:

·        Pre-finished hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring*** which is produced in a controlled climate and has a longer lifespan than carpeting

·        Mercury free thermostats which reduce mercury pollution

·        The use of Trusses, OSB Plywood which utilize renewable resources


**   Please consult Sales Representative for details.

*** Option upgrade.


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